Starting up school business  
This is a busy period for the little entrepreneurs of our schools!
6th Primary School of Pyrgos
Developing entrepreneurial skills in the primary school. "Taste Trip": the business course.
Our Company Romanian Students Entrepreneurship ROSE spring market. Thanks everyone who was involved!
Here is the link to an article published in a local paper related to the event (In Romanian):
Teaching entrepreneurship in a Greek primary school seemed a distant dream, when this project started. The total success of the bazaar proved how important it can be for children and how rewarding for the teaching aspirations. Both students and teachers were thrilled to succeed in their aims! All the products were sold out. The little Greek entrepreneurs felt so excited! They were really amazing in their first business venture. This bazaar was a great experience for all and the effect of a collaborative hard work.
The students at Pintor Manolo Millares school, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, are learning how to be little tourist agents, therefore they have created a cooperative called: "VASE TOURS" to promote Gran Canaria in Europe taking you around the island.
The Italian company Euro Loco created paper weight made of decorated local stones. The students also made little scented balls of soap using flowers and herbs.
The Greek students organised an Easter bazaar to sell their products: red and dry white wine, raisins, sweets, aromatic vinegars, raisin bread and decorated Easter candles. They designed posters, sent invitations and spread the word about the bazaar in the local community. What is more they created their own online store!
And the link to the greek online store:
The Portuguese school invited the entrepreneur Luiz Salmim from the Planície Verde company (based in Malaqueijo - Rio Maior engaged to the production of vegetables in greenhouses). He discussed with students about his experience in building his business, the importance of working hard, being innovative, creative and persistent to succeed. He also mentioned the importance of the knowledge that the school provides, emphasizing on mathematics and English. This session took place in prototype company Start Inova's premises.
The greek company's business plan, as it was presented by the board of directors.
The students also had the chance to discuss with a successful local entrepreneur who was invited at school.
The Polish Company was set up! During the meeting of December the visitors, teachers and students, had the opportunity to attend workshops for making Christmas decorations and an open market organised by the school. And there was profit! 25% of it was given to the Polish Red Cross.
The logo of the Polish Company which is called "DO IT YOURSELF".
Τhe Italian Company was set up and it is running!
It is called "EURO LOCO" and has got its logo, its divisions and planning for the following months. The italian school organized a marketing lesson with the participation of successful entrepreneurs.
Italian Action Planning 2015-2016 for Euro Loco
Setting up of the company EURO LOCO
  (develop cooperation, respect and responsibility: team work)
Designing and implementation of the company products
  (improve designing strategies, the making and dissemination of the students’ products)
Main Event: an Erasmus + Market, sponsored by local public and private Agencies
  (develop entrepreneurial skills and rise the community awareness towards the project)
Promote meetings and events with the families and the whole community: Innovative lessons on marketing with a marketing expert
(improve the marketing skills, drawing of guidelines and curricula, dissemination of the outputs of the project)
Encourage Skype video conferences among students of different countries involved into this project
  (improve linguistic and digital skills)
The Romanian Company launched its business in December. The company name is Romanian Student Entrepreneurship- ROSE.  Here is the link for the padlet we created for voting the best logo. The business plan was set up and presented to the team. Work in progress..
The Agrupamento de Escolas Marinhas do Sal proceeded with the opening of its company prototype, the "START INOVA". During the ceremony the guests were informed of the objectives of this initiative and the students of the European Club had the opportunity to present the company.
The START INOVA also invited the teacher João Correia to motivate and inspire the students about entrepreneurship and to present his own entrepreneurial success story. He is the owner of several businesses, including one of hunting live sharks so as to be sold to aquariums.
The Greek company was also set up. There was a logo design and brand name competition and the winner was: "TASTE TRIP" which is now on the name of the company.
Designing the logo from eugpap
The board of directors worked as a team and prepared the business plan which was presented with the logo to the rest of the students.
During the second year of the project the school cooperatives are born.
Students design the company logos, meet experts and attend seminars to learn more about entrepreneurial world.
At this stage, the children  will be more familiar and the process will be faster, as they apply the techniques they learned in the first year. They are a team of entrepreneurs and agree on their business ideas, procedures and paperwork. They plan and distribute the work: the launch,  design of the logo, dissemination, accounting, etc.
Starting a business involves risks and failures, so educating them to have determination will help them deal with the challenges along the way. This is the reason why our partnership from eight different European countries fosters a better understanding of what entrepreneurship means, what skills are necessary to become a successful European entrepreneur and what competencies need to be developed.
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