Meeting in Brasov  
Erasmus+ Project Title: ‘Values and Student Entrepreneurs’ = VASE
First Meeting – Brasov 24th to 28th November 2014
In Attendance – Representatives from participating schools in Romania, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Spain (co-ordination authority), Denmark, Greece and UK.
Every delegate will receive a certificate of attendance for each transnational meeting.
Day One
Morning Session
Representatives shared presentations from their schools.
Meeting convened for Lunch.
Afternoon Session
It was explained by Angela (Project Co-ordinator) to all present that transnational meetings must last for a period of five days (up to 7 days allowing for travel to and from host country).
All attendees must keep boarding passes and documentation in case they are needed by authorities for inspection. This documentation should be kept for a period of five years for possible auditing purposes.
Project Goals
The development of common social values which will instil an entrepreneurial spirit within the pupils of participating schools. Students will develop into well-rounded, goal-orientated individuals.
Year 1
This will be for developing entrepreneur skills through an agreed set of values (further information to be uploaded onto project blog).
Year 2
Launch of ‘companies’. This will involve application of first year values and skills.

Possible Division of Labour (to be agreed)

  Erasmus+ Blog *   Greece
  Website   Spain
  Facebook page (adult only communication)   Denmark
  Values Curriculum   UK
Blog will be used for interesting and successful school based activities.
Overall the project was deemed to be ambitious yet credible with very achievable results which will be of benefit to all our pupils.
It was agreed that an official lesson plan/assessment form would need to be designed.
At the end of the project there should be intellectual products which should have a copyright and publishable as well as useable in other countries and schools eg ‘Value’ Teaching Manual/Scheme of Work/Lesson Plans/Curriculum. The draft of this will be a workable document with additions from participating schools.
The quality of the project is vitally important; there is the possibility of fines for not meeting quality targets.
It was noted that all contracts should be signed and returned as this had not yet been done by all.
Further Finance Discussion
There will be a Mobility Tool available in the near future which must be completed for all mobilities.
Transnational Meetings for Teachers (for discussion and organisation)
Denmark (May 2015)
Greece (Early October 2015)
London (May 2016)
There will be the option of Skype meetings should it be deemed necessary.
Pupil Mobilities
May be more economical to have pupil mobilities running at the same time as transnational meetings.
*discussion of ideas for in-school projects*
Inc winemaking, value curriculum, board games, recycling project.
When projects are completed they should be uploaded and shared via an online platform.
March Target – Values (three) being applied in schools (to be agreed at tomorrow’s meeting).
Day Two
All delegates were in attendance
It was agreed by all that the first set of Values would be ‘Responsibility’, ‘Honesty’ and ‘Respect’.
‘Communication’ and ‘Self Esteem’ should be present within all the chosen values with Key competencies, skills and outcomes.
The chosen values will be agreed basic humanitarian values.  (see the list of values from Cornelia’s notes)
All participating countries will be working on the first three values until March 2015 (Danish transnational meeting).
The presentations in Denmark should be based around activities conducted in school focusing on those three values.
Throughout year one of the ‘Values and Student Entrepreneurs’ project the children will be learning about the list of chosen values. During year two, the pupils will apply all the learnt values during the running of their project alongside risk-taking, creativity, innovation, generosity.
Initially the workload will be divided thus:
eTwinning – Romania & Portugal
Website – Spain
Blog – Greece
Evaluation Form – Poland & Denmark
Minutes – UK
Lesson Plan Template – UK (to be emailed to all as soon as possible)
Reminder for student mobility
You must be able to justify and explain how children have been chosen to participate in the mobilities. There will be an online questionnaire. Please remember to retain all official documentation relating to mobility trips.
Reminder for transnational meetings
Co-ordinator can attend all meetings but teachers should be rotated. This will help to spread the project throughout school and not limit to one class.
Future Dates:
Denmark (Transnational) 4th to 8th May 2015
Greece (transnational) 5th to 9th October 2015
Uk (transnational) May 2016
1. Values For The First Year
Responsibility- March
2. Tasks
  The values curriculum   UK
  Curriculum   Romania
  Website   Spain
  Blog   Greece
  eTwinning   Romania, Portugal
  Logo and monopoly game   Italy
  Evaluation   Poland, Denmark
  Minutes of the meetings   UK
3. Students Mobilities
Denmark: 4- 8 May, 2015
Greece: 5-9  October, 2015
Poland: 30 Nov- 4 Dec. 2015
Portugal: March 2016
4. Transnational Meetings
Romania: 24-28 Nov. 2014
Denmark: 4-8 May, 2015
Greece: 5-9  October, 2015
UK: May, 2016
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