My School - Agrupamento de Escolas Marinhas do Sal  
School: Agrupamento de Escolas Marinhas do Sal
Address: Rio Maior
Country: Portugal
Meeting en Portugal de alumnos
The forth exchange of students from the VASE project took place in Rio Maior, between 14 and 17 of March. 27 people (10 teachers and 17 students) from Poland, Denmark and Greece participated in a comprehensive program prepared by Erasmus team of the portuguese school.
Over the four days the participants were involved in activities organized referred to three distinct areas. The first intended to strengthen the friendship between the participants and the knowledge of the country, the second promoted the creativity and innovation, necessary prerequisites for a good entrepreneur and the third included visits to successfu companies.
Regarding the first area we highlight the following activities:
The opening ceremony where our partners presented their schools and their countries, and the students of the school Music Club provided the visitors with several musical moments. Τhe portuguese students also presented three virtual companies they have created.
The visit to Sanctuary of Fátima, where participants could put into practice respect, one of the values of this project,  in this case in religion, to the monastery of Batalha and the beach of Nazaré.
In the second area, the students participated in three types of workshops. In the first workshop they made a photo frame  and a small agenda with ecycled materials. They produced handmade soaps, brand Fluvium (brand created in this project). They also attended a workshop on innovation and creativity in which they were encouraged to build various structures (prepared by the Municipality of Rio Maior).
The most important activities related to the third area were:
A visit  to Aldeia do Sal store,  a small family business based in the salt pans
A visit to the ice cream company Olá, headquartered in Lisbon. During this visitthe visitors knew about the dynamics of the business, the way they approach the market and the importance  that is also given to creativity and innovation as  business development factors.
A visit to the Nobre Alimentação, a company based in Rio Maior, to carry out the activity "sausage maker for a day." That activity which was submitted to the European project Ingenious and won the respective tender. In the beginning, students and teachers were informed on the birth of Nobre business in the auditorium of its Academy. The company began as a small family business and after two generations in the Nobre family grew and implanted in all the country. In a second phase, they were in the pilot plant of the company (kind of miniature factory) where the team of innovation and enterprise quality performs the testing of their products and study the products for the market. Then, the visitors, properly equipped, could get a "hands on" and produce their own can of sausages.
The final evaluation of the meeting made by the participants was excellent taking into consideration the quality of program activities, the landscape of the places visited, the meals, the reception of students and the friendliness of the people.
This project ends in May. During the last meeting in London, the partner schools will come to conclusions about the project  and will do the evaluation.
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