Szkoła Podstawowa nr 6, Olsztyn, Poland
Lessons scenario for classes registered for the project entitled
“Let us  Respect the Traditions of Various Countries – That is our Future”
1. The aims of the project:
Forming the attitude of respect for Christmas traditions of various nations.
Forming ethical attitudes and developing moral sensitivity.
Gaining knowledge on Christmas in particular countries (Poland, Greece, Spain, Romania, Denmark, Great Britain, Italy, Portugal).
Cultivating the tradition of singing Polish Christmas carols.
Preparing for making use of various sources of information.
Forming the ability of group working.
Taking care of clean and neat workplace surroundings.
2. Methods of work:
Practical actions and activities.
3. Teaching tools:
Interview scenario.
Lyrics of Christmas carols
Books and encyclopaedias.
Computer and the Internet access, colour printer.
Art materials.
4. Time of the classes intended:
3x45 minutes.
5. The course of the classes:
Stage one: 45 minutes
Welcoming the students.
Dividing the students into 8 groups (at will).
Assigning tasks for the groups. The task is given in a sealed envelope: Using sources of information and following a technique chosen by  you yourselves, prepare a presentation  on the Christmas traditions in… (a different country is assigned for each group).
Students’ creative work with the use of various media and presentation preparing.
Presenting the work done. Voluntary students present /comment on the work. Presentations displayed on boards.
The teacher asks the students to make an interview  with an older member of the family , at home, on the following subject: “Christmas traditions of my childhood” (the questionnaire attached).
Stage two:  45 minutes
Welcoming the students.
The students present the results of the interview.
Conversation guided by the teacher – brainstorming based on the following questions: “What are traditions and why should we respect them?” and “Why is the tradition of singing Christmas carols together disappearing in many homes?”
Presenting a few Old-Polish Christmas carols by the teacher.
Choosing by children (voting) the Christmas carol which they will subsequently prepare for the school event “Great School Caroling”.
Teaching a chosen Christmas carol to students. Rule: Each class in which the lesson is to  be run chooses a different Christmas carol.
Stage three: 45 minutes
The meeting of all the classes taking part in the project  -  the event “Great School Caroling”, taking place in a school home room. Presenting the Christmas carols prepared.
6. Questionnaire
Make an interview with one (older than you) member of your family on the traditions connected with Christmas. Ask the following questions:
What customs and traditions were celebrated in your home when you were a child?
Which ones do you recall with the greatest pleasure and joy?
Which out of these traditions have you respected and cultivated up to the present moment?
Which traditions, in your opinion, are not cultivated in Polish homes?

Istituto Comprensivo Marconi Oliva, Locorotondo
Values and Shopping
Students have been involved into a vey interesting activity about committed and responsible shopping. It fits in perfectly! They loved it!
1. Action Of The Project:
Title of the action: Values and shopping
2. Person responsible of the action:
Prof. Evelyn Scatigna, (Maths teacher
3. Objectives:
  Aims ang topics of the activity
Bring up students to understand the importance of values while working in groups
Foster creativity
Improve IT skills
Develop awareness about the VASE project
Improve team work abilities
4. Time required:
The activity was started on December 6th 2014 and has been completed of December 13th 2014
5. Human Resources:
  Concept 2014 2015
  Teachers   Planning : Evelyn Scatigna (member of the Italian   Erasmus + V.A.S.E. commission) 8 hours
  Classes   Students representatives from class “2F” of the   Secondary School.
6. Brief description of the action:
Reading passages taken from scientific papers ( e.g. The China study) and discussing topics to understand the importance of a relation between food and health.
Calculating one’s BMI (body mass index)
A food diary”: monitoring the eating habits of students.
  (What do I usually eat? What should I cut down? What should I increase for a healthy diet?)
Workshop: “Responsible Shopping”.
Students have been taken to the nearest supermarket divided into small groups with the following tasks:
Read labels of the main food products (snacks, biscuits, beverage and drinks, yoghurts,  cold cuts, sauces etc)
Entering tables and charts with selected food and drinks and their related ingredients
Making charts for each selected product with its own ingredients
Reading charts giving  personal opinions about the selected items
An alternative school-break:
Students have been involved in an alternative healthy school-break with fresh and dried fruit, rolls filled with local oil and fresh tomatoes, carrots, fennel, handmade cakes.
  Concept  2014-2015  2015-2016
  Making students feel responsible about the importance   of healthy eating habits

  Teaching students the right skills for choosing the   healthiest food products

  Guide students towards healthy eating habits showing   them the danger of junk food
7. Activity CHART
Project Posters 3 classes: 2A,2E,2F
Teacher: P. Masciulli 1 class: 2B
Teacher: G. Savito
  • Responsibility
  • Honesty
  • Respect
  1. Develop awareness about our project and getting familiar with it and its purposes.
  2. Enhance creativity.
  3. Regular record of the activities.
From December 2014 on…
Values and Shopping 1 class: 2F
Teacher: E. Scatigna
  • Responsibility
  • Honesty
  • Respect
  1. Develop the value of honesty and responsibility in the making of products
  2. Increase the sense of respect when making and selling products
  3. Get students aware of what is good and wrong on the present market
December 2014
Italian Project Photo Representatives of 6 classes
Teacher: V.Mirabile
  • Values
  1. Foster creativity
  2. Improve IT skills
  3. develop awareness about the project
  4. Increase team work abilities
December 2014
Tradition Day First and second classes
  • Know-how
  • Cooperation
  • Unity
  • Respect
  • Tradition
  • Craftsmanship
  • Astronomy
  • Local poems in dialect
  • Recycling
15 December 2014
Project Rap song 1 class:2F
Teachers: P. Masciulli
and V. Caramia
  • Responsibility
  • Honesty
  • Respect
  1. Foster alternative strategies of learning
  2. Increase fluency in English
  3. Improve those values through learning activities
January 2015
Project logo
(6 classes of students) All second classes
Teachers: G. Serinelli , M. Zocche, P. Masciulli
Designing and editing of the project logo . Online uploading. Diffusion of he results.
  1. Enhance creativity
  2. Develop awareness about our project
  3. Increase IT skills
  4. Develop abilities required by team working
February 2015

Rap Song
Students have written a rap song for Values and Student Entrepreneurs project! Here is the activity description. Learning English has never been so entertaining before! such fun!!!
1. Action Of The Project
Title of the Action: V.A.S.E. Rap Song
2. Person Responsible of the action:
Prof.ssa Paola Masciulli (Italian coordinator)
3. Objectives:
Foster alternative strategies of learning
Increase fluency in English
Improve those values through learning activities
Think about the importance of values in everyday life
4. Time required:
Activity started at the beginning of December 2014 and accomplished in January 2015
5. Human Resources:
  Teachers   Planning, editing, organisation and implementation   of the activity: Paola Masciulli
8 hours
  Music expertise and optimisation: Vita Caramia
1 hour
  Filming and making of the video: Vittorio Mirabile
5 hours
  Class   Class 2F
6. Brief description of the action
Thinking about the values of responsibility, honesty and respect in everyday life
Brainstorming and collection of ideas and opinions. First writing of the lyrics in English.
Developing the rap rhythm.
Adapting the new lyrics to the new rhythm.
Editing of the lyrics and the rhythm Vocal practicing in the classroom
Making of the video
General editing of the video filming, making of the final output and uploading of the final product on the project and school Internet sites.

Italian logo for the project
1. Action Of The Project
Title of the Action: Un Logo italiano per “V.A.S.E.”  - an Italian logo for the project
2. Person Responsible of the action:
Prof. Vittorio Mirabile (member of the  Italian school ERASMUS + V.A.S.E. commission)
3. Objectives:
  Objectives and topics
Foster creativity
Guide students to understand the importance of values while carrying out a teamwork
Improve IT skills
Develop awareness about the project
Increase team work abilities
4. Time required:
The action was started on 6 December 2014 and has been completed on 13 December 2014
5. Human Resources:
  Nominativi- Profili di riferimento
  Teachers   Planning, Logistics, Project Logo Editing, Event   organisation, difffusion and online uploading: Vittorio   Mirabile
Tot. 8 hours
  Classes   Student Representatives from all second classes of the   Secondary School
6. Brief description of the action
  Concept 2014-2015 2015-2016
  • Meeting with all student representatives of the second classes in the school involved in the project.
  • Brainstorming activities related to the action
  • First step of photo shooting



  • The making of slides, selection of the most suitable photos, editing, logo uploading on the project Facebook site



Tradition Day
1. Action Of The Project
Title of the Action: Tradition Day
2. Person Responsible of the action:
Prof.ssa Paola Masciulli (Italian coordinator)
3. Objectives:
  Objectives and topics
Increase awareness of universal values in the students, in order to share them and achieve a better relationship with themselves and with the others
Enhance a personal research
Experience and learn a variety of ways related to communication and self expression
Share experiences and emotions with other people
Learn and understand local traditions
Develop teamwork competences
4. Time required:
All the actions described have been implemented on 15 December 2014
5. Human Resources:
  Nominativi- Profili di riferimento
  Teachers   Photo reportage of the event, diffusion and online   uploading of the event: Paola Masciulli

  Organisation and editing of the VASE Banner for the   event: Paola Masciulli
Tot. 4 hours
  Classes   All first classes of the secondary school and class 2F
6. Brief description of the action
  All students have been involved in the following workshops carried out by expert volunteers:
Scented rhymes (recipes)
My town traditions
Christmas in dialect
Christmas Origami
Sounds and songs from the local traditions
Weathers in Locorotondo in old sayings
Display of the outputs from the workshops
Making of rhymes, Christmas cards, drawings
Traditional songs played by traditional instruments
Research on customs, habits and traditional believes
All actions have been photographed and filed. The students of the V.A.S.E. Erasmus + project have sponsored the event by making a very large project banner, by supporting the values of their town traditions and by recognizing their importance as fundamental basis to build a solid and reliable future. We live in a world where everything keeps changing rapidly and some important features of our cultures seem to fade away during this process. As one of the main objective of our project is to develop social values in our students, to foster entrepreneurship and to enhance creativity and innovation, our students have been challenged to face the importance of knowing past traditions in order to find new creative ways to move on, without losing the sense of being part of a specific culture and identity. All those activities listed above considered relevant and suitable for the implementation of the V.A.S.E. project have been uploaded online on the project  Facebook and blog sites. They will also be posted on the project Etwinning site and school website both in Italian and in English, including the making of Christmas cards made at school during the event.
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